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Our service professionals hold various certifications including:

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Seasonal Opening and Closing

Start and end pool season professionally with pool and spa opening and closing services.

Opening Service includes cover removal, re-assembly and startup of equipment, analyzing and adjusting water chemistry and pool cleanup is available.

Closing Service includes winterizing of equipment and plumbing, lowering water level, removal of ladders/handrails, up to 30 minutes of pool cleanup, addition of shock and algaecide, and installation of pool cover.

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Weekly Service

Ensuring clear, healthy and balanced water throughout the season is best accomplished with a weekly visit. Your weekly service visit includes:

  • Analyzing and balancing water chemistry
  • Ensuring recommended sanitizer level
  • Vacuuming pool (our crew uses Hammerhead vacuum equipment which does not send vacuumed debris through the customer’s filtration system)
  • Skimming and brushing pool surfaces
  • Clearing debris strainers
  • Backwashing sand filters
  • Inspecting equipment for proper function and reporting irregularities to homeowner

Equipment Replacement & Upgrades

Newport Pool Company offers its customers the industry’s most efficient and advanced equipment options available today. Variable speed pumps, salt water generators, efficient heaters, LED lighting, automatic controls, winter safety covers and automatic covers are some of the options that add convenience, increase efficiency and bather comfort, and reduce operating costs.

Leak Detection and Repair

leak detection and repair Many pools will inevitably experience a water leak. Leaks can occur both inside your pool as well as in the plumbing that carries water to and from your pool. Aside from the cost of having to continuously refill your pool, leaks drive up chemical costs and can erode soil and compromise the structural integrity of the pool and surrounding deck. With modern leak detection technology and techniques, we determine the source of your leak and make necessary repairs.

Pool Inspection

A pool inspection/evaluation is a valuable service for homebuyers considering purchasing a new home with a pool. This service includes evaluating and reporting on the condition of:

  • Pool and deck surfaces
  • Pool equipment (heater, pump, filter, sanitizer system, automation, etc.)
  • Code-compliance and safety

Fountain Service

Cleaning, repair, new construction and renovation of indoor and outdoor fountains and water features.

Winter Watch

Winter visits to check and adjust winter safety cover, remove cover debris, adjust water level and check winterized equipment.